Whether it is the combination burners, multi-fuel burners or line burners: Büttner has the right industry burner for the required industrial process – for the wood-based panel industry, for example, or the sugar industry, pellet industry, cement industry and many other industrial sectors.The BCB combination burner system burns dust, oil and gas individually or in combination in order to produce flue gas. The multi-fuel burners generally heat drum dryers or flash tube dryers.When used efficiently, line burners type BLB produce heated gas, which is used to heat drying systems. They are run using natural gas or LPG.


Pump (Pompa)

PT Indira, a company engaged in the trading of pump suppliers for industrial / process pumps. We sell quality industrial pumps (industrial pumps) such as chemical pumps, water pumps, gear pumps, lobe pumps, metering pumps, air operated diaphragm pumps, magnetic drive pumps, progress.In industry, pumps are very important and very commonly used supporting equipment. Pumps are used as cooling water circulation equipment, as working fluid drives in hydraulic systems, lubricating oil circulation in machines, boiler feed water management, industrial waste treatment and disposal, etc.


Fire Tube (Pipa Api) 

BENTELER Steel/Tube supplies the best surface quality Pipeline for extreme temperature, acidic and corrosive environments. Our offering includes Quad Stencil, Q&T and PSL2 tubes that comply with industry and customer standards. We are constantly expanding partnerships within our sales network, so that we can offer our customers the best possible service in the market for Line Pipes with small outside diameters. Our materials are suitable for heat treatment to all API grades, as well as many proprietary acid service and enhanced toughness grades, including NS-1 quality standard materials.


Thermal Oil Heater

Specialist fabrikasi Thermal Oil Heater dengan kapasitas 100Mcal sd 10.000Mcal/h work temp 350C, desain customis bahan bakar yang dapat disesuaikan customers, diantara bahan bakar Gas (LPG, PGN,CNG), Solar diesel oil,dan Biomassa.Thermal Oil Heater is a heater that uses Thermal Oil Fluid as a heat-conducting medium and can work up to temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius or more.In contrast to steam, which must use a pressure of up to 70 bar for use at a temperature of 285 degrees Celsius,the Thermal Oil Heater works only at the pressure of the circulation pump be designed with a special construction.


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