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Boiler pipe is a pipe that has special specifications and is used as a boiler manufacturing installation where, this pipe has heat and pressure resistance characteristics at hot temperatures, many specifications on boiler pipes depending on needs. Boiler pipe dimensions vary in terms of pipe wall thickness and pipe length in general 7 meters.

Carbon Steel Boiler Pipe exhibits mild corrosion resistance and fair strength up to 1000F. However, their use above 800F must take into account the susceptibility to graphitization. Graphitization is not yet a significant problem in thickness encountered in tube boilers. The use of pipe sections weighing above 800F, however, is not recommended. The application of seamless and welded carbon steel pipes in boilers is limited to a maximum temperature of 800F for framed and 1000F for steel slurry with ASME Boiler and Vessel Codes, ”Part I, Power Plant Boilers. The code does not list a maximum allowable pressure beyond 1000F for steels.Carbon-molybdenum carbon steels




Carbon – moly steels exhibit higher creep strength than ordinary carbon steels, and are widely used in high temperature boiler service. These steels are nominally containing 0.5% molybdenum. When exposed to temperatures above 850 – 900F for a long period of time, carbon – moly steels are also susceptible to graphitization. Again, this phenomenon is part size dependent, and using pipes of this class above 850F is not recommended. The carbide stage is unstable, and it will return to graphite. ASME Steel moly boilers up to 1000F.


SA213 – T2

These low alloy steels exhibit graphitization resistance and greater creep strength than carbon – moly steels. Corrosion resistance is comparable to carbon – moly. T2 has a listed allowable pressure of up to 1000F in the ASME Code Boiler. The chromium in all Croloys stabilizes carbon as chromium carbide, thus making them immune to graphitization.

SA213 – T12

This is a 1 – chromium, 1/2-molybdenum alloy which is limited to a maximum temperature of 1200F by the ASME Boiler and Vessel Code, “Part I, Stresses permitted. “T12 is sometimes used instead of T2 tubes because of its greater strength.

SA213 – T11

This class has the same creep strength properties as T12. It is more resistant to corrosion-free chromium steel, and quite resistant to high temperature oxidation due to its higher silicon and chromium contents.

This oxidation resistance is important because metal is exposed to high temperatures for a long time to build up a layer of scale protection. At some minimum temperature, the scale will become non-adherent, gradually flake off, and cause erosion of turbine solid particles. However, exfoliation rarely causes failure before creeping or high temperatures produce.

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