Solid Fuel Biomass Boiler

Fluidized Bed Combustion Fired Boiler

Fluidized Bed Combustion working principle:

This Fluidized-bed Combustion system uses combustible fuels such as coal, paper, rice husks, sawdust, and palm shells. Requires silica sand as a medium to store heat. Wind gusts from the FDF Force Draft Fan will pass through the furnace nozzle and will move the silica sand mixed with burning coal, causing heat that resembles lava and moving up and down according to the wind pressure that has been set in such a way.

By using the bubbling method, eat hot in the kitchen up to a temperature of 700 – 950 degrees Celsius. The heat in the furnace is controlled by the FBC tube so that the maximum temperature in the furnace is 900-1000 degrees Celsius. So avoid the formation of NOx which is harmful to the environment.

By maintaining the temperature at a low temperature so that the silica sand and combustion ash will not melt. If it melts this causes hardening or petrification so that the boiler operation stops. This system is equipped with a Silica Sand Vibrator which functions to filter dirt in the kitchen with silica sand and is reinserted automatically without the boiler stops.


Boiler advantages with Fluidized Bed Combustion system:

  1. Perfect Combustion (Perfect Combustion).

The FBC system is a closed combustion system so that all coal that enters the furnace will be completely burned (100%), before burning the coal will be trapped in the moving silica sand, thus the boiler efficiency will be high.

  1. The coal used in the FBC system is very flexible, it can be

Using low-calorie coal, with a size of 0 ~ 15 mm. Specifications The coal is the cheapest and most widely available in Indonesia.

  1. No moving mechanical

In the FBC system, there is no mechanical movement in a very hot furnace.

  1. Low combustion temperature.

The design temperature of our FBC System is a maximum of 950 °C, characteristic of Indonesian coal, the ash from coal will begin to change shape or melt at a temperature of 1050 °C so that with the design we offer there will be no “Melting Ash” or melted coal ash content. And also low temperature combustion can avoid the formation of NOx, new NOx will be formed at a temperature of 1000°C.

  1. Coal Import

In the FBC system, coal is introduced into the combustion chamber little by little using a screw conveyor. The composition of coal is 5% and the other 95% is silica sand, so it is very easy to control if there is a fluctuation in steam consumption in the factory by adjusting the speed on the screw conveyor.

  1. Fast Return Investment

By using the Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) boiler system, the efficiency of coal consumption is very high, so industrial production costs will be lower than boilers with fuel oil (BBM).


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