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Comparison of coal fuel with palm shells for factory boilers

The steam obtained comes from the change in the water phase in the boiler due to getting heat energy from the combustion of fuel. In this article, we will compare the use of coal and palm shells as boiler fuel






Parameter Coal Palm shells
Moisture 5.83 4.30
Ash 5.40 2.63
Volatile matter 46.00 73.65
Fixed carbon 42.77 19.42
Calorific value (kJ/kg) 24,702 20,355
Gross Calorific value (Kcal/kg) 5900 4.850
Carbon 60.65 29.32
Hydrogen 5.75 5.88
Nitrogen 0.48 0.30
Total Sulfur 0.38 0.13
Oxygen 27.34 61.74


Definition of Biomass Energy

The definition of biomass energy is used as a substitute for fuel, so the role of land renewal as a source of biomass energy needs to be done to produce biomass energy itself. Although the source of biomass energy for several types is naturally available, to produce this biomass energy, it is certainly required in large quantities to produce large fuel energy.

The use of biomass energy from natural materials really needs to be done to get rid of dependence on non-renewable energy. Developments continue to be developed to produce biomass energy that can be renewed quickly and remains friendly to the environment. Basically, the notion of biomass energy as an energy-producing material from biological elements such as dead organisms or living plants will certainly be increasingly considered for energy sustainability in the future.

The use of biomass energy can be used as a way out of limited non-renewable energy. For this reason, biomass energy has been widely studied in previous years to replace the scarcity of non-renewable fuel energy. Indonesia, with its abundant natural potential, actually has the potential to produce diverse biomass energy for human needs. The management of these biomass energy-producing materials will actually save the state more expenditure with good management. For this reason, the understanding of biomass energy needs to be known by all levels of society to develop renewable energy.

Palm shells as charcoal briquettes

Contemporary transformation, where the variety of Palm Oil is not only used as a source of oil. But also take advantage of the pile of shell production waste which has been a complaint. Something that is neglected can in fact be processed into raw materials with high rupiah value, environmentally friendly as well as without pollution. Call it one of them is to make the shell or coconut shell as Charcoal Briquettes. Hard characteristics of the shell containing a combination of elements in it. Among them are moist water content, low ash intensity, high evaporation, and moderate active carbon content, making it an efficient raw material. For more clarity, it would be nice to know the advantages of palm shells as charcoal briquettes in a complex manner. As an antidote to this curiosity, you should read the reviews below to the end.

Benefits of Palm Shells as Charcoal Briquettes

Basically, charcoal briquettes are an alternative fuel that uses wood and shells as the main media. This briquette is projected to be able to replace ancient natural resources which are very popular with the needs of the community. The briquette material itself is processed by first being mashed which is then mixed with starch and formed in special molds as needed. The ongoing process will certainly have an impact on the quality of the use of charcoal briquettes made from palm shells. As for some of the advantages of palm shells as charcoal briquettes, they will be presented in a straightforward manner as follows:

Efficient and Economical

The first advantage of charcoal briquettes made from palm shells is that they are efficient in use. This alternative raw material is perfect for those of you who want to save on the budget for daily kitchen needs. Saving on the use of raw materials greatly affects the shopping budget and lasts a long time. the price is economical but the quality is reliable, no doubt.


Choosing Palm Shell Charcoal Briquettes as the main fuel in meeting your needs, it means that you have avoided unwanted risks. Mainly combustion accidents or the risk of exploding tubes. Because by using this charcoal briquette your safety will be more guaranteed.

Environmentally friendly

The utilization of this palm shell production waste also has the advantage of being friendly to the environment. This is because the palm shell contains elements that are rich in benefits. Among them, starting from having minimal ash content, which is approximately 2-3%. So that the former combustion leaves less ash. Contains the intensity of the moisture content (moisture in Analysis), which is 7-8%. In addition, it also has around pure activated carbon (fixed carbon) with a lot of intensity of 20-22%. As well as the quantity of volatile matter (volatile evaporation) which can be categorized as quite high, is around 69-70%. All of these elements make palm shells the main fuel medium whose status is friendly to the environment.

Durable (Durable)

Palm shell charcoal briquettes also have advantages in the combustion process. In the sense of having a long duration when used. In short, durable alias durable in use. It is not surprising that briquettes made from palm shells are an excellent alternative and a recommendation to be used as daily fuel. Moreover, this durable quality is matched by an economical price entity.


Another advantage possessed by Palm Shell Charcoal Briquettes is that they contain a high level of evaporation intensity (volatile matter), which is in the range of 69-70%. Thus, this means that it will be much friendlier to the surrounding environment. Because the palm kernel shell contains this substance, carbon sulfur is relatively lower than the others, so it can reduce air pollution.


Using this briquette, will not emit an unpleasant and strange smell. Because Palm Shell Charcoal Briquettes do not smell at all. So it is suitable for the main fuel of your kitchen.

Maximum Combustion

In addition, the use of charcoal briquettes also has advantages in terms of maximum combustion. Because the heat generated is continuous and stable. Very suitable for cooking and so on.

Renewable Resource Benefit

Palm shells which are abundant industrial production waste (wasted) can be used as an easily renewable resource. In the sense of being the main media for the presence of Palm Shell Charcoal Briquettes as an alternative fuel.

Palm shells as pavers

When discussing the product of road pavers, in general, it will be directed to the term asphalt. One of the raw materials that rely on natural resources. Products that are often intensively used as the main raw material soften the condition of the road shoulders. But do you think that there are no other alternatives to pavers? Well, not curious what the product is. Call it the product palm shells. One of the industrial production wastes from the manufacture of palm oil. This is a new breakthrough in utilizing the waste that is wasted. So why the palm shell? Or, in particular, there are advantages of palm shells as road pavers. To treat this curiosity, it would be nice if you finish reading the reviews below.

The Advantages of Palm Oil Shells As Road Pavement

There are several things to consider why you should make palm shells as pavers. There are several things related to the advantages of paving the way using palm shells, which will be explained in a straightforward manner below:

Elemental Content Proportionality

Among them, starting with the elements contained in the palm shell. The elements are minimal ash content, approximately 2-3%. The moist water intensity of 7-8%. The content of activated carbon is moderate, which is 20-22%, up to a high-value evaporation quantity, which is 69-70%. This proportionality content provides rich benefits for human life.

Abundant Raw Material

Palm oil industry factories are basically sure to carry out oil production on a large scale. So that spontaneously and automatically, production waste in the form of palm shells will pile up (huddle). On the other hand, here, this production waste is the main ingredient for producing alternative energy that is easily obtained, especially around factories. Where palm shells are used as a road paving material to replace asphalt. The availability of palm shells or shells in large quantities (abundance) is very possible to be reprocessed into more useful raw materials. At least this is a place to maximize the use of abundant resources.

Mutual Symbiosis

By making palm shells as the main raw material for paving roads, at least it can reduce the intensity of industrial factory production waste. A production waste recycling system is the right solution that must be taken. Where recycling management is relatively more likely to be a mutualist symbiosis. In fact, this new breakthrough is actually a form of complexity in the creative and innovation process that deserves to be developed as well as reference material.

Long Term Benefits

Another advantage that Palm Oil has as pavers is that there will be useful infrastructure in the long term. Having smooth and smooth road access is of course the dream of everyone, especially those who have private vehicles. Utilizing waste as the main hardening material for roads actually makes a big contribution to perpetuating road construction. Because the strength possessed by palm shells is not much different from the results promised by asphalt.

Far Economical Price

Meanwhile, the last advantage of palm oil shells as pavers lies in the budget that must be spent. Where the selling price of palm shells is more pocket-friendly, this is a clear differentiator from other raw materials. With a relatively cheap price benchmark, at least it will really help you in minimizing the budget for doing road construction. So that the remaining budget can be used for other needs related to the human resources needed when doing asphalting.

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