IDM Electric Thermal Oil Heater 20 -1000KW

Electric Thermal Oil Heater

Rated thermal power: 24-1440KW; Oil capacity: 0.015-1.3m³; Working pressure: 0.22-0.8Mpa; Design pressure: 0.6-1Mpa; Whole installed capacity: 28-1550KW; Electric heating thermal oil heater is a new type of special industrial boiler which is safe, energy efficient, low pressure (normal pressure or lower gas pressure) and can provide high temperature heat energy.

Electric Thermal Oil heater
Electric Thermal Oil heater

Thermal oil heater  is a kind of new type heating equipment with heat energy conversion. It takes electricity as power, converts it into thermal energy through electric organs, takes organic carrier (thermal oil) as a medium, and continues to heat through compulsive circulation of heat. Thermal oil is driven by high-temperature oil pump, to meet user’s heating needs.

In addition, it can also meet the requirements of the set temperature and temperature controlling accuracy. Generally, the thermal oil furnace consists of main parts (heater, high temperature oil pump and filter), high position oil tank, control cabinet and piping. The whole set of heat-consuming equipment and apparatus gathers together to form a liquid circulation heating system.

The heat supply range 11 consists of electric heaters from 10 to about 1,200 kW of heating capacity.

The heater is equipped with a circulating pump, an expansion vessel plus a collection tank and a dispensed and ready-to-use filling pump is installed.

Temperature range With  the 11  hot  electric thermal oil heater  , temperatures up to 400 °C can be achieved reliably and permanently.

Heat capacity 11 electric thermal oil heaters are   available with  thermal capacities   from 10 to about 1,200 kW.

Heat transfer media Water, mineral oil, silicone oil, synthetic oil

Applications Appliance heating, extruder heaters in the plastics industry, reactor heaters in the chemical industry, oven heaters, press heaters

Electric heater vs Fire heater

Advantages of electric heating over fuel heating:
Close to production service, simple and fast installation, minimum maintenance required, no exhaust emissions, no chimney/boiler housing

Disadvantages of electric heaters over fuel heaters:
Relatively high operating costs (power consumption), lower energy efficiency

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