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PT INDIRA MITRA BOILER , Steam boiler repair service company and Thermal Oil Boiler Hot water boiler and control system electrical boilers

Our company is officially certified by the Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia, namely obtaining a maintenance and repair fabrication permit from the Ministry of Manpower authorities for work including boilers and pressure vessels. retubing, vessel etc. The Boiler Maintenance Contract can be done with short term or annual contracts. And also we PT, INDIRA MITRA BOILER serve for the procurement of refractories, fire bricks, ceramic fiber, Spare parts for steam boilers, oil gas burners including new installation services and reconditioning/repairs.



Our company offers periodic maintenance and repairs according to a service contract with the following benefits:
Boiler performance is maintained excellently.
Boiler and all supporting components (coal handling and ash handling) are more durable.
Maintenance and repair costs are cheaper than if there is damage or boiler capacity decreases.
The Boiler Place is always clean and well maintained.


Boiler fire pipe repair
Service Contract Services:

Chemical Cleaning Boilers
Chemical Cleaning Heat Exchangers
Supply Chemical Treatment Boilers
Supply Chemical Treatment Heat Exchangers
Maintenance and Cleaning of Boilers and Heat Exchangers
Personal Chemical Cleaning & Repair Boilers
Boiler service includes the following work:
Cleaning boilers (fire tube & water tube boilers)
chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning
safety valve settings
Depnaker permit
Fuel conversion (replacement of fuel from diesel to gas or residue)
burner modification
burner replacement
Trouble shooting & boiler service contract
Providing fast service to solve boiler problems.

Service contracts include:
boiler maintenance contracts
periodic PCO (Portable Combustion Optimizer) test and check
Retubing, refractory and boiler insulation or piping.

Thus the after sales that we offer if there are problems with the boiler machine, we are ready to help provide good and timely service.

Boiler fire pipe repair
Shell Furnace Tube Repair

Replacing part of the front and rear outer casing and part of the furnace tube on this unit involves careful planning and preparation between BTH Kettle Service and the client. Cracked welds, infusion soils, inter-dab voids, or inclusive plates are some of the reasons for boiler failure. The failure in this case was due to a toe crack in the inner filet weld, which we found to be the most common fault of all.

to perfectly realign the burners when they are re-placed in critical positions, so as not to cause flame impingement in the repaired furnace bath. Weld a ‘J’ type around each end of the tube to a depth of 3ml in addition to the thickness of the tube as specified in BS 2790.

Combustion chamber tube plates after being diluted and engine ‘J’ prepared. These tube plates are subjected to magnetic particle inspection (MPI) as part of the quality assurance procedures used by BTH and by many leading Insurance and Inspection authorities.

Method used to reduce the thickness of the combustion chamber tube plates, to allow faster heat transmission through the combustion chamber tube plates, reducing the problem of cracked tube plates and tube ends. Mirror finish and tube end radius ensure less heat at the tube ends.


All welding is performed by highly skilled welders to the highest standards. At BTH Kettle Administrations Ltd we take pride in the finished product. It is the skills of our welders that allow us to maintain the highest standards. All of our welders are coded for the list below:

BS EN ISO 15614 Part 1
BS E NISO 15614-8-2002
47BS EN 287-1-A1-2008


Pipe work

Repairing, replacing and installing pipe work to factories and piping in new and leased boilers is one of our specialties.

Heat resistant

This is a rebuild of the quarls burner after SBG1 and 2 checks.

Burner Repair and Maintenance

Appointing and servicing burners

This work is carried out on all types of Riello and Weishhoupt burners by our experienced engineers.

By adding a corrosive to kettle system to remove scales and water treatment, store the Kettle cleaning method using acid.

Annual Update and Heater Clean

We opened the boiler and cleaned using a rotary descaling machine removing as much scale as possible and vacuumed, removed and repaired the valve and rebuilt the heater using all new connections following a successful evaporator inspection.


Regular and fixed heater tube replacement due to rear end cracking caused by overheating. Cylinder Re-tubing and Repair – No matter what size or shape your unit is, BTH has the facilities and capabilities to ensure a first class job done every time. All tube types can be replaced whether it be, water tube or shell pack type tube.

Cutting plate

Combustion chamber tube plates after being diluted and engine ‘J’ prepared. These tube plates are subjected to magnetic particle inspection (MPI) as part of the quality assurance procedures used by BTH and by many leading Insurance and Inspection authorities.

The method used to reduce the thickness of the tube plate

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