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RIELLO BURNER SALES CENTER  RS100-RS 100 232/698 ˜ 1163 kW

PT Indira Mitra Boiler is a company engaged in boiler fabrication which also provides Riello RS100  burners for combustion which work quickly to burn heating the components or objects you want, with the capacity and type of burner Riello has advantages according to the capacity of the burner, and for fuel the riello burner is also effective because it can use gas, diesel and residue fuel.

Details of the Riello RS100 burners cover a firing range from 81 to 2290 kW, and they have been designed for use in hot water boilers or superheaters, hot air or steam generators, diathermic oil boilers. The operation is “two-stage”; the burner is equipped with a microprocessor control panel that supplies operating indications and fault cause diagnosis. Optimization of sound emission is ensured by the use of fans with forward leaning blades and deadening material introduced into the air suction circuit. Improved fan and combustion performance, guaranteeing flexibility of use and excellent performance at all combustion levels. Exclusive design ensures reduced dimensions, simple use and maintenance. Wide range of accessories ensures high working flexibility.

RS 28 81/163 ˜ 325 kW
RS 38 105/232 ˜ 440 kW
RS 50 116/290 ˜ 580 kW
RS 70 192/465 ˜ 814 kW
RS 100 232/698 ˜ 1163 kW
RS 130 372/930 ˜ 1512 kW
RS 190 470/1279 ˜ 2290 kW

RS/M Series Modulating Gas Burners

The RS/M range of burners covers the ring range from 70 to 2650 kW, and have been designed for use in low or medium temperatures. hot water steam boiler, hot air or steam boiler, diathermic oil boiler. Operation can be “two-stage progressive” or, alternatively, “modulation” with the installation of a PID logic controller and individual probes.
RS 34/M MZ 70/130 ÷ 390 kW
RS 44/M MZ 101/203 ÷ 550 kW
RS 50/M 85/290 ÷ 580 kW
RS 64/M MZ 150/400 ÷ 850 kW
RS 70/M 135/465 ÷ 814 kW
RS 100/M 150/698 ÷ 1163 kW
RS 130/M 160/930 ÷ 1512 kW
RS 190/M 470/1279 ÷ 2290 kW
RS 250/M MZ 600/1250 ÷ 2650 kW

RS/E BLU Series
The RS/E BLU burner series covers the ring range from 125 to 2400 kW, and it is based on the new Digital Burner Management. The system, Riello REC27, is capable of managing the air-fuel ratio by an independent servomotor to obtain perfect control and to ensure correct combustion and safe operation over all modulation ranges. Operation can be “two-stage progressive” or, alternatively, “modulation” with the installation of a PID logic controller and individual probes. The RS / E BLU range of burners guarantees a high level of efficiency in all applications, reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.

Riello RLS burner dual fuelRS 25/E BLU 76/125 ÷ 370 kW
RS 35/E BLU 100/200 ÷ 480 kW
RS 45/E BLU 90/190 ÷ 550 kW
RS 68/E BLU 150/350 ÷ 860 kW
RS 120/E BLU 300/600 ÷ 1300 kW
RS 160/E BLU 300/930 ÷ 1860 kW
RS 200/E BLU 570/1375 ÷ 2400 kW

Complete Gastrain Burners
The burners are equipped with a butterfly valve to regulate to regulate fuel delivery in stages 1 and 2, controlled by a variable servomotor cam profile. Fuel can be supplied from the right or left side.

The gas train can be selected to best suit system requirements depending on fuel output and pressure in the supply line. The gas train can be of the “Multiblock” type (containing the main components in one unit) or the “Built” type (assembly of a single component).

Gas input pipework
Manual valves
Anti-vibration joints
Pressure gauge with push button cock
Pressure regulator (vertical)
Minimum gas pressure switch
VS safety solenoid (vertical)
VR regulation solenoid (vertical)

Two settings:
– firing output (rapid opening)
– maximum output (slow opening)
Gasket and flange supplied with the burner
Gas adjustment butterfly valve burners
Seal control mechanism for valves 8-9. According to standard EN 676, the seal control is compulsory for burners with maximum output above 1200 kW (in gas train with seal control)
Gas train-burner adapter
Maximum gas pressure switch (present if installed as burner accessory)
Combustion head pressure
Pressure downstream from the regulator
Pressure upstream from the filter
Gas train supplied separately, with the code given in the table
Installer’s responsibility
Thus the article for the Riello RS burner with different types and capacities according to your needs, we are ready to serve for sales and installation services as well as service burners


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