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Boiler Maintenance

Boilers that play a role in the process of converting water into steam require special treatment and treatment. Problems that arise in boilers are generally caused by the treatment of boiler feed water that does not meet the requirements. For maintenance and maintenance of boilers can be done in the following ways:

  1. Initial Commissioning Process
  2. Operation under normal and emergency conditions
  3. Cleaning of boilers

Initial Commissioning Process
The initial preparation process that is carried out both on a new boiler or an old boiler is a main inspection consisting of the removal of scale or foreign material in the boiler after the hydrostatic test and inspection of the boiler leak. The kettle is operated by boiling using an alkaline solution to remove oil-containing materials and other deposits. During boiling, the boiler is operated at low pressure which is kept halfway from full pressure. Boiling time is approximately 24 hours. For cleaning high pressure boilers by reducing substances to remove scale. After acid cleaning or boiling (acid cleaning) the boiler is emptied, refilled and washed with fresh water.

Operation on Normal and Emergency Conditions
Operation under normal conditions is carried out by boiler factories that require good maintenance and boiler water conditions to prevent scaling or corrosion. To check properly / well, it is necessary to pay attention to the steam and temperature of the steam produced and maintain the cleanliness of the gas. The time period for starting and cooling the boiler after it is turned off, is set in the manual of the boiler and must be followed / followed properly.
Operation in an emergency is an important thing to note. This situation can be in the form of errors in the supply of feed water or fuel preparations. Air loss or fault in combustion fire. Modern boiler units are equipped with automatic safety locks for fuel supply flow and when the boiler stops operating, if a hazardous situation occurs.

Cleansing External cleaning is often done by curing and jetting gas or with running water. Internal cleaning with water and steam is done manually if possible and can also use chemical cleaners automatically for modern kettles in boiler units, especially in kettles which cannot be reached by hand.
Chemical cleaning must be carried out under the supervision of a supervisor. Most hydrochloric acids are used together with chemicals to remove hard crust. Acid cleansing if made by an incompetent person can cause excess chemical substances in the boiler. After washing with acid, neutralized with an alkaline solution and the last time the boiler was operated on low pressure heating with an inert solution.
When the kettle is stopped for a long period of about 1 or 2 months. Dry storage method is recommended to protect the boiler from corrosion attacks. This requires careful cleaning and drying of the boiler and the cover of all holes also removes water and air in the boiler room and pressure gauges. The cross section of water absorbent material is placed to clean low humidity.

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