Jasa Overhol boiler

Boiler Overhaul

Repair and Replacement of Boiler Casings

besides that also all valves must be checked and repaired, contained in the picture that is the safety valve that we dismantle and skir the disk so that when operating the boiler the safety valve will not release the steam (leak) before the desired pressure, if it is still able to the new safety valve leak was replaced, safety in the boiler is very important because it is useful if excess pressure will open and the pressure decreases (drops).

Boiler overhauls. boiler overhaul is often done every year, the purpose of this ovehaul work is to maintain the performance of the boiler, in addition to knowing the feasibility of the boiler engine itself, the feasibility can be seen from the inner crust of the boiler, pipe thickness, expand on the boiler pipe, and welding – welds. In addition, the “BURNER” must also be tuned up, to match the composition of the fuel to be efficient, not all companies apply an overhaul system to the boiler, this is because it is based on several things, for example: limited time while production must go on, because they feel the boiler is still suitable for use, and another may be price constraints that are considered too expensive .
Thus the understanding of boiler overhaul that I can explain.

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