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Boiler Repair
Boiler Repair

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Boiler Modifications :

# Steam Boilers

# Hot Water Boilers # Oil Boilers (Thermo Oil Heater) Serving Boiler Modifications with various Types, sizes & capacities and fuels:  # Solid, such as: Coal, Wood, Palm Shell , Wood Pellet, Waste, etc.  # Oil, such as: Solar, Kerosene, IDO, MFO (Residue), Used Oil, Sludge Oil, etc. # Gas, such as: LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), Other Natural Gas (Natural Gas) : #Hot Air Generator (Hot Air Boiler), can be used for Chicken Cage Heaters, Wood Dryers / Kiln Dryers, Grain Dryers, Flash / Cyclon Dryers # AMP #Tungku #Oven#Dryer
#Flash Dryer
#Cyclon Dryer
#Rotary Kiln
#Wood Kiln Dryer (Wood Drying Room)
#Rotary Sifter / Rotary Screen / Trommel Sieve
#Blower (Centrifugal Fan, Axial Fan, etc.)
#Tanki2 #Softener Tank Specifically we are experts.

in making the system : Coal Burner (Pulverized Coal Burner) Our systemhas advantages 2: -Almost all types of coal can be used -High combustion efficiency -Efficient in the use of space / place -Fluctuation in production does not really affect -Operational Automatic like using fuel oil -No requires skilled operators  Savings can reach 30% -70% compared to the Pulverized 700 kg / hour furnace system vs. 1,000 kg / hour Furnace
Burner Wood Pellet  BWP-200KH, with BWP-200KH horizontal fire model, horizontal fire model ) Usage 10-50 Kg / hour (calorie value 4300-4500 kcal / kg), can be adjusted by adjusting the wind openings, widely used in tofu factory, Frying: Onion, Snack, Chips, Penderes Palm Sugar, Oven, Dryer, etc.
Dismantling- plug, Modifications, Service: Steam Boilers, Thermo Oil Boilers, Hot Water Boilers, Stenter, Printing, Steamer, Ovens, Jetdyeing, Calendar, Home Industry Machines, Food and Beverage Machines Foods & Beverages), Agriculture (Agriculture),
Machinery , Machinery & Tools with Stainless steel,
Used machines: Stenter, Jetyeing, Jetflow, Boilers, Printing, Calendar, etc.
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