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Boiler Water Treatment

In winter countries, a number of industries, ranging from hotels, laundry , hospitals, restaurants, to other large industries require large amounts of heat energy to run their businesses.

For example, in winter, hoteliers must ensure that their hotel rooms are quite warm. To provide heat in large capacity at a minimal cost, hotels can use boilers  or special heaters that can generate heat on a large scale.

Boilers  are industrial tools used to boil liquid (water) and turn it into steam. The vapor produced is not just the heat that the kettle produces when boiling hot water, but heat and high-pressure heat.

In addition to being used for space heating,  boilers are also used in power generation units, as drive generators, to other industrial needs, such as:

  • Laundry or laundry industry

Hot steam has an effective ability to remove stains on clothing. In terms of financing, when compared to using heat energy generated by electricity, the use of boilers is far more economical.

  • Food industry

Frozen food restaurants or factories, many use the steam produced by the boiler to cook the food. Like for example, when steaming large quantities of potatoes, it is certainly more effective to use large steam power.

  • Brick making industry.

Brick factories can also use hot steam on a large scale for the production process. The method is to mix basic ingredients such as sand, water, and lime, then put in a container with high pressure, closed so that it is airtight, and put pressure from hot steam at a certain temperature, until it becomes solid.

The use of boilers , of course, requires special maintenance, one of which is by purifying heated water in the boiler . Special treatment for water put into the boiler is called water treatment. the water that is inserted into the boiler machine has certain specifications to avoid the occurrence of scaling on the boiler engine. if the boiler machine uses the appropriate water, then in addition to extending the life of the boiler, the use of chemicals in the boiler process can be efficient.

Before it can be used to be evaporated in a boiler , water must undergo several purification processes to prevent mineral buildup, corrosion, or the appearance of foam which can damage the boiler .

Following are some of the processes that are passed in boiler water treatment – or also called pretreatmentprocesses :

  • Filtering process. The dirt contained in water is filtered using sand and carbon filters. Non-filtered dirt can accumulate on the boiler and cause evaporation in the boiler is not optimal.

  • The process of softening or softening water using a water softener . What is meant by softening water is to reduce the water level. Water with a high level of hardness, if heated will cause crust on the equipment and boiler pipes , so it can cause excessive heat.

  • The process of removing minerals. Removing minerals from water can be done using the reverse osmosis process. The reason for removing this mineral is the same as the previous point, namely to prevent the heating of minerals that can become crust if they are heated in the boiler .

  • The process of purifying water, that is by using certain chemicals, so that the water becomes purer and meets the requirements to be evaporated using a boiler .

  • Reverse osmosis or the reverse osmosis process, is a natural process for filtering large molecules and ions from a solution (water) using a semipermeable membrane . Water produced from this process is clean water that is free of heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and other micro-organisms.

It can be said that the use of water treatment is one of the boiler maintenance processes so that it can work for a maximum period of time. Corrosion caused by improper treatment can cause damage to the boiler component which in turn damages the boiler engine .

Ways to prevent corrosion also depend on the type of corrosion experienced by the boiler . The most common corrosion is usually caused by dissolved gases, especially oxygen and carbon dioxide gas, low water pH, and mechanical stress .

Industries that use boilers need not bother to think of a water treatment system needed, because many companies sell boilers , which also offer water purification services. Boiler maintenance is easier, and more durable boilers are used.

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