Boilers and Causes of Laundry Fires

Get to know the boilers and causes of laundry fires ,We’ve often heard about fires from a laundry or garment / textile due to the explosion of this boiler device. Either due to negligence or due to malfunction of the tool. Of course this should be a priority concern for laundry entrepreneurs about the safety issues of this boiler so that later we will avoid this catastrophe.


Boilers, also known as steam boilers, are machine tools whose function is to convert water into steam. This process, namely the change of water into steam, occurs by heating water in the pipes by utilizing heat from the fuel combustion. Burning is carried out continuously in the combustion chamber by flowing fuel and air from outside. The steam produced from the boiler is superheat vapor (very hot) with high pressure and temperature. The amount of steam production depends on the heat transfer surface area, flow rate, and heat of combustion given.

Of course the function of the boiler in the type of laundry is different from for example a ship that requires large energy. In commercial class laundry also has a large boiler unit such as hotel laundry, hospital laundry which the process requires large energy also from washing, drying to large-scale irons. It is believed that the use of steam boilers is more economical than electric power.


Boilers or in the term laundry call it gas steam iron has been widely used in kilo laundry at this time. The use of boilers will certainly speed up the completion of work. Besides being neater it is also economical compared to using an electric iron. But operators should be vigilant on this device. Lack of maintenance or misuse will cause havoc for laundry employees. But the author is not afraid to not use boilers which are more effective in terms of time and energy.


According to Pascal’s law that the pressure given by liquid in a closed space will be extended equally in all directions, while Bernouli’s law about the basis of flow in fluid is said that the increase in velocity of a liquid or gas will result in a decrease in the liquid or gas . This means that there will be a decrease in potential energy in the fluid flow.

So, the possibility of an explosive boiler is the occurrence of corrosion which allows pressure to explode, otherwise improper conditions, such as valves, or inadequate internal manometers can be the cause of the explosion.

There is also the possibility of corrosion (rust) that is the source of leakage and cause problems is the thinning of the pipe due to turbulence, oxygen pitting namely the presence of excess oxygen in boiler water, chelant corrosion is one type of chemical that is generally acidic, phosphoric acid corrosion and under deposit corrosion .

Boilers and Causes of Laundry Fires

For prevention, boilers must often be controlled by physical conditions, especially on the tubes and bleeding should be carried out periodically. Drain water every day after using the boiler. If it is blocked, there are several ways to do it. Remove all existing tubes, lower the boiler from the stove then fill the water fully into the tube then lay down the boiler tube in a row, and hit the boiler tube iron, remember the iron in the o’clock repeatedly. Dirt will certainly come out of the tap where the tube is drained

The second way is to fill the water fully and then turn on the stove. Wait for the pressure in the manometer to be 50 psi, then open the water drain faucet that is on the bottom side of the tube, guaranteed dirt will come out. Be careful not to get hot steam on the members of our body. For maintenance of the safety valve to work properly, pull the object so that the air feels loose. And certainly, never leave the stove on for a long time, if necessary the stove is turned off to be safe.

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