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Fuel Filling and Transfer System

As we have seen that to move something requires aforce that works to push the tool. This is the case with ships thatrequire a main driving system so that the ship can sail accordinglywith our wants andneeds. The ship’s main drive system will drive a series ofengines
 engine that will later rotate the propulsor shaft.The main propulsion system on ships can use Diesel engines, but in the discussion of papers ithis will be receivedinformation about the System Charging and Transfer Fuelby discussing regulations, type of fuel, flowchart of fuel filling and transfer systems , and equipment installed.The Fuel Filling and Transfer System has an important role to functionfor supply ingredients burn that needed for move machine diesel formoving ships. Fuel is transferred from storage tanks to settling tanks andthen from settling tanks supplied to service tanks. Where from the fuelservice tankgoes into the diesel engine …


Fuel Filling and Transfer System 
The fuel system on the ship is a very vitalsystem, becausethis system is used to receive and send fuel, thendistribute it to fuel services. In general, the fuel system consists offuel oil supply, fuel oil purifiering tanks for machinery, fuel transfer betweenstorage and dispensing tanks, fuel oil transfers, and fuel oil drain pipingsystems. For the fuel system of an engine, all components that support the materialburn should guaranteed continuity because p that is very vital inoperation. So in the design of each main component of the system there must be abackup with the aim if one of the dysfunctions can be automaticallyanticipated and resolved.
2.2.Regulation of Fuel Filling and Transfer Systems
The requirements that must be met by the fuel system areas follows:1.
The pressure for the fluid in the pipe before entering the supply pump is zero barand Safter Exit should have pressure seven bars which will forwardedto the circulating pump to the nozzle, out of here the fluid has ten barpressure.2.
The speed for heavy fuel oil fuel flow rates has amaximum speedlimitof 0.6m / s.In addition to the above, there are several requirements that must be fulfilled by afuel system using HFO fuel types according toclassificationrules, including the following:1.
The bunker from the fuel system is on the lowest deck and must beisolated from another room (section 11.G.1.1)2.
Fuel tanks must be separated from cofferdam towards other tanks(section 10.B.2.1.3)
Fuel Type
The fuel system is a system used to supply fuelthat in need motorcycle parent. On generally that used is dieselenginewith fuel,yaitu MGO (Marine Gas Oil), MDO (Marine Diesel Oil),IFO (Intermediate Fuel Oil), MFO (Medium Fuel Oil), dan HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil).1.
MGO (Marine Gas Oil)Marine gas oil is a fuel that is similar to its use indieselcarsand trucks.2.
MDO (Marine Diesel Oil)Marine diesel oil is a mixture of HFO and MGO fuels.3.
IFO (Intermediate Fuel Oil)Intermediate Fuel Oil such as MDO is a mixture of HFO andMDO, but IFO contains little MGO compared to MDO.4.
MFO (Medium Fuel Oil)Medium Fuel Oil Is a mixture of HFO and MGO, but MFOcontains little MGO compared to MDO and IFO.5.
HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil)Heavy Fuel Oil is a fuel that has heavyresidual combustionthat normal burned in factories and usually for usage ismixed with other maritime fuels (MGO).
Flowchart of Fuel Filling and Transfer System
Fuel Filling System
In the refueling system that is the ship on the dock, that is thehose connection on the right side and when the ship is connectedmain filling. Branches from the main pipe go to one or more manipolesthen to the tail pipe to each storagetank(storagetank)


 Figure 1
Fuel Oil System


Figure 2 Fuel Oil System Flow Chart
Hose Conncection
Connectors that supply fuel from land to ship.
Figure 3 Hose Connection
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