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Heater Tank Asphalt mixing planting

Indonesia Asphalt mixing planting asphalt storage tanks

Product Description
After years of research and accumulated experience, our company can provide 3 types of asphalt storage tanks. The structure and design can be used alone or to support Asphalt mixing planting. Three types are as follows: hot oil asphalt heater storage tank; electric tank storage heater; self-heating asphalt tank and container type asphalt tank.

Hot Oil asphalt heater storage tank

Hot oil asphalt heating storage tank most often uses asphalt tank, its structure is very simple easy manufacturing, easily using and high heating efficiency. This type of asphalt tank is very commonly used during the asphalt production process. Asphalt tanks must be equipped with heat oil furnaces. heat source comes from hot oil during heating in the heat of the oil furnace. Many asphalt tanks can be used together which can store high volumes of asphalt.
Electric asphalt tank heater

Electric heating asphalt storage tank is heated by electric heating tubes. The structure is compact, easy installation and transportation, easy operation, high degree of automation and no pollution during construction. Asphalt tanks are widely used today.
Container type directly hot asphalt tank

Compared to the usual direct heated asphalt tank, this type of asphalt tank overcomes the high temperature problem of some parts of traditional asphalt tanks and aging asphalt.

The directly asphalt tank type container has the features of high thermal efficiency and a very easy to install and transport vessel container design. This type of asphalt tank has a self-heating function and does not need additional heat to the oil furnace.

Packaging & Shipping

1. We will use standard container packaging asphalt storage tanks.
2. Small parts We will use wooden box packaging to ensure that the product is not damaged.
3. We will ensure that customers schedule, upon arrival to reach the customer’s port.
Our professional after-sales service team can provide timely and reliable service for our customers who need support.

Technical Support

To find out the most direct and precured information, our after-sales team will follow the entire process (Transport-Basic Treatment-Installation-Debugging —- staff training — Technical support —- Spare supply parts) after you buy whether the whole asphalt plants or just additives.

They will provide regular technical support and training according to the real situation of our Asphalt mixing plant and asphalt parts Plant production.

Whenever there are unintentional technical problems, it can be feedback for our engineers at the first time by our after-sales team.

Whatever you / customer needs technical support at work, and buy Indira Dwi Mita product accessories partners or technical consultations. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

You can also contact our distributor in the local area or through our sales department to contact us.

If you need our help, please contact us by email or skype, leave a message on the web. We will reply within 24 hours and deal with problems immediately.

OEM Scheme

1. provide OEM services for other manufactures.

2. Looking for productive OEM Manufacture in our company sales.

3. Flexible cooperation.

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