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Steam power heaters, or more commonly called steam heaters / steam boilers, steam distributing coils, steam boilers, steam heaters in closed space ovens, etc. are among the many choices of drying systems that can be utilized in several types of industries, both small and medium scale.
Like a heating machine / oven in your home, the drying / heating system of this device is almost the same
with supporting equipment including:
– heat generator (water vapor)
– heat distributor (steam heater with plain / finned pipes)
– fan heat circulation
– airtight system (closed room)
the simple analogy of the following system is
a heat generator / water heater needed to produce hot steam which is then flowed into a steam heater system installed on an airtight system (closed room) which is then circulated in that space using a fan so that hot air circulation is formed for drying systems.
Another factor which certainly influences the system is the humidity formed when the drying system is running, this can be minimized by making the exhaust system out of the air, while keeping the hot air in the room maintained according to the expected temperature
The drying / heating system with the steam steam heater model produces a relatively low temperature compared to direct heaters that use fire or electricity with a range of 100-200 degrees Celsius, depending on the existing ventilation system. And of course this simple system can be built with installation and operational costs that are much cheaper than high-temperature heating systems that use a lot of sophisticated equipment.
The use of steam heater must still be adjusted to your needs, both from temperature, air humidity, space used, and the effect on goods that are dried / heated so that savings can be made on installation costs and operational costs that benefit your business.
The steam heating system is currently widely used for:
– the process of peeling palm seeds, where heat is produced, is enough to make the oil palm shell / shell dry and easily detached from the meat. see tool 3 in the list of boiler tools for palm oil processing
– wood drying process, which requires low temperature heating to reach 25% moisture content, before continuing with high temperature heating so that 6% moisture content can be obtained on wood. This low temperature drying system is very suitable and is widely used to dry sengon wood. stages of wood drying
– The mushroom nursery process, can be seen from one of the leading restaurants in the Yogyakarta area, the following are examples of using steam heating in mushroom nurseries
– the process of drying clothes on laundry businesses, besides being used for clothes dryers, the steam produced can also be used on steam irons owned
– and other drying / heating processes
To fulfill the need for a simple and inexpensive drying system, we currently accept orders for steam heater units that use fin pipes of sizes up to 2 square meters, for example our products that are currently used in several types of industries can be seen here , here is an example of technical specifications, with a price range between 15-25 million rupiah.
for steam heater reservations or further information can contact us via
 or telephone number 0813 88 666 204
– Using fin pipes so that the heat produced is higher and faster
– Aluminum Fin Pipe / aluminum pipe fin delivers heat faster than other metals
– The distance between fins is 3mm, more tightly compared to similar products where the fins between the fins are 4 – 4,5mm
– We accept orders according to your needs, so that they can be adjusted to the oven / other equipment you use
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