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Seamless Benteler Pipe


Boiler pipes are generally grouped into 2, namely: Water Pipe Boiler 
Pipe Boilers

Pipe Fire Boilers
In the type of fire pipe boiler, heat transfer occurs from the hot gas to the water then the water will turn into steam, because the hot gas from the combustion (flue gas) flows through the pipes whose outer parts are covered with water.

Water Pipe Boiler Pipes
In water pipe boilers, water will be in the pipe while hot gas is outside the pipe. This water pipe boiler can operate at very high pressures, namely up to more than 100 bars.

Product Description

Seamless Benteler Pipe
Boiler Pipe Specifications:
Pipe Boiler ST35,8 
8 Pipe Boiler DIN 17178 ST 35, 
Pipe Boiler EN 10216 P-235 GH.


Advantages and disadvantages of fire pipe boiler types:

  1. Does not require special settings, so the installation process is easy and fast.
  2. The initial investment for this fire pipe boiler is cheap.
  3. The shape is more compact and portable.
  4. For 1 HP the boiler does not require a large area.


  1. Steam operating pressure is limited to low pressure around 18 bar.
  2. When compared to water tubes, the steam capacity is relatively small (13.5 TPH).
  3. The burning place is difficult to reach so it is difficult to clean, repair, and check its condition.
  4. Lots of heat energy is wasted directly towards the stack so the value of efficiency is low.

Advantages and disadvantages of water pipe boilers:
Advantages of Water-type Boiler Pipes:

  1. Large steam capacity of up to 10 TPH.
  2. Operating pressure reaches 100 Bar.
  3. To carry out inspection, cleaning, and repairs to the furnace, it is easy to reach.
  4. Compared to fire tube boilers, water tube boilers have a higher efficiency value.

Disadvantages of Water-type Boiler Pipes:

  1. This water tube boiler construction process is more detailed.
  2. Initial investment is relatively more expensive.
  3. The handling of water entering the boiler in this system is more sensitive so it needs to be maintained and requires supporting components for this.
  4. The construction requires a large area because it can produce greater steam capacity and pressure.
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