JUAL MB-ZRDLE 410 B01 S50 | DUNGS Gas Multi Block

Technical description


Gas MultiBloc MB-ZRDLE 410 B01 S20 Dungs
regulator, valves and pressure switches in
one compact fitting.
– Dirt trap: Fine-mesh sieve
– One regulator and two main valves:
– Oneone-stage valveandonetwo-stage
– One valve is fast opening, one valve is
slow or fast opening
– Solenoidvalvesupto360mbar(36kPa)
as per DIN EN 161 Class A Group 2
– Sensitive setting of output pressure by
proportional regulator as per DIN EN 88
Class A Group2
– High flow rates with low pressure drop
– DCsolenoiddriveinterferencedegreeN
– Main volume restrictor and partial volume restrictor at valveV2
– Hydraulic openingdelay
– Flangeconnectionswithpipethreadsas
per ISO 7/1
– Simple mounting, compact, light-weight
The modular system permits individual
solutions by using external ignition gas tap
in connection with separately controlled
valves, by adding a valve proving system,
mini/maxipressureswitches,pressurelimiters, limit switch and closing stroke limiter at
valve V2, regulator blocking for liquid gas
The modular system permits individual
solutions in gas safety and regulator engineering. Suitable for gases of families 1, 2,
3 and other neutral gaseous media.
EC type test approval as per EC Gas Appliance Directive:
MB-ZR…405-412 B01 CE-0085 AP 3156
EC type test approval as per EC Pressure
Equipment Directive:
MB-ZR…405-412 B01 CE0036
Approvals in other important gas consuming countries.
Edition 08.15 • Nr. 214 763
2 … 5

Nominal diameters
Flange with pipe threads as per
ISO 7/1 (DIN2999)
MB-ZR…405/407 B01
Rp 1/2, 3/4
and their combinations
MB-ZR…410/412 B01
Rp 3/4, 1, 1 1/4
and their combinations
Ambient temperature
Dirt trap
Pressure switches
Pressure regulator
Solenoid valve V1
Solenoid valve V2
Measuring / Ignition gas connection
Burner pressure monitorpBr
Voltage / Frequency
Electrical connection
Rating / Power consumption
Switch-on duration
Degree of protection
Radio interference
Materials of gas conveying parts
Installation position
Closed position signal contact
Gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media
-15°Cto+70°C(DonotoperateMB-Dbelow0°Cinliquidgas systems.Onlysuitable for gaseous liquid gas, liquid hydrocarbons destroy sealing materials.)
Fine-mesh sieve. Replacement only possible by dismounting the fitting.
Types GW…A5, ÜB…A2 / NB…A2 to DIN EN 1854 may be attached.
For further information, refer to Datasheets 5.02 and 5.07 “Pressure Switches
for DUNGS Multiple Actuators”
Pressure regulator compensated for residual pressure, leakproof seal when
switched off by means of valve V1 as per DIN EN 88 Class A.
Setpoint spring permanently installed (no spring exchange possible).Avent line
above roof is not required. Internal pulse tap provided.
Valve as per DIN EN 161 Class A Group 2, fast closing, fast opening
Valve as per DIN EN 161 Class A Group 2, fast closing
Valve V2 design Partial volume restrictor Main volume restrictor
MB-ZR fast opening with without
MB-ZRD fast opening with with
MB-ZRDLE slow opening with with
MB-ZRLE slow opening with without
For G 1/8 as per DIN ISO 228, refer to Pressure taps on page 2
Connection downstream of valveV2, pressure switch A2 mountable on adapter laterally
50-60 Hz 220-230 V AC -15 % +10 %
Other preferred voltages: 240 V AC, 110-120 V AC, 48 VDC, 24-28 VDC
Plug connection as per DIN EN 175301-803
for valves and pressure switches
Refer to Dimensions on page 5 100 %

IP 54 as per IEC 529 (EN 60529)
Interference degree N
Housing aluminium die casting
Diaphragms, seals NBR basis, Silopren (silicone rubber)
Solenoid drive steel, brass,aluminium
Solenoid vertically upright or lying horizontally as well as its intermediate positions.
Closed position signal contact, type K01/1 (DIN-tested), mountable on V2
Max. operating pressure
Output pressu


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