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Sell ​​Asphalt Blending Tank for Asphalt Mixing Plant (AMP)

Selling Asphalt Blending Tank

Asphalt Blending Tanks Asphalt storage and batch mixing in these facilities is a relatively simple process using discrete controls. rubber modified asphalt mixing tank and polymer modified asphalt mixing tank. We manufacture and supply  that are specially designed to suit your specific requirements on the productivity and actual needs of your Highway or Airport Aircraft project.

Asphalt Blending Tanks Through the process of designing, producing, maintaining, on-site installation, upgrading of equipment, we strive to assist you in the process of mixing rubber or polymers into modified asphalt more efficiently, whether your project is short or long term which is usually used in Aphalt Mixing Plant (AMP) site.

Main storage functions include:

maintains temperature bitumen in all tanks above freezing temperature bitumen by circulating hot oil through the heat exchanger, controlling oil flow with on/off valves and circulating bitumen throughout the tank by on/off mixer control.

The main functions of Asphalt mixing include:

operator input volume from tank one and tank two to merge into tank three, check asphalt availability from tank one and tank two as well as space in tank three, operator request to change manual type, automatic pump control for desired volume of asphalt mixture and notification to operator when the phase is complete.

the platform provides access to the hinged door above the tank, and the agitator drive mechanism. Some tanks are intended for gravity unloading, while others have pumps for loading and unloading. The gravity tank is mounted on a seven-foot-high frame to allow gravity to unload into other smaller tanks. The tanks with pumps are mounted on a three-foot-high frame, with the pump located under the tank.


The tank agitator is equipped with a stirrer to mix the contents of the tank. The stirrer is a propeller supported on a vertical shaft in the tank. The propeller shaft is supported by bushings below and ball bearings above. The height of the vane from the bottom of the tank can be adjusted. The stirrer is driven by a 115 volt motor. The motor is located at the top of the tank. The motor drives the agitator through the gearbox and belt drive, reducing speed. The stirrer is controlled by an electronictimer, located in the control box. The timer may be programmed to turn the selected time agitator on and off.

Pipa Coil

Pipe (Pump Tank) A three inch diameter line running from the bottom all the way inside with the tank pipe attached to the pump. Lever-operated ball valves are located in this row. The pump is belt driven by a ten horsepower, 240 volt electric motor. It may be used to pump out of a storage tank (forward) to another small tank, or it may be used for pumping (backward) into a storage tank from a transport tank. Three inch by 12 foot loading hoses are provided. Another three inch line, from the bottom of the tank may be used to load the storage tank from the transport tank. A lever-operated ball valve and a check valve are located in this row. These two lines are insulated and heated with a 115 volt heat band.

PT Indira Dwi Mitra provides Blending Tanks with the following capacities:

  • Blending Tank Capacity 10 Ton
  • Blending Tank Capacity 20 Ton
  • Blending Tank Capacity 30 Ton
  • Blending Tank Capacity 40 Ton
  • Blending Tank Capacity 50 Ton

Such is the introduction of the Blending Tank Product Fabricated by PT Indira Dwi partner, which has been designed and designed with reference to international standards, with assembly by experts who are experienced in their fields.

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