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Pipe Boiler Component

In the unit of steam boiler the type of water pipe there are components which consist of:

1. Drum.

The upper drum serves to accommodate the steam produced by evaporation pipes. At the upper drum, equipment is installed in the form of a sealing plate called priming plate, steam separator and anti priming plate. All three devices have different functions:

a. Anti priming plate to prevent water from mixing with the kettle filler
water that has been heated through pipes.
b. Priming plate to prevent the occurrence of turmoil or reduce the shock that occurs when water
from the pipe that has been heated into the upper drum.
c. Steam separator to prevent / reduce water content due to evaporation of water in
the upper drum that goes into the superheater.

In addition to the above tools on the upper drum, a pipe for continuous blow down is also installed, where this pipe serves to remove dirt on the upper drum by controlling the total disolved solid (TDS).

Lower drum serves to hold water that will be evaporated by steam generating tubes and water wall tubes. On the lower drum, side headers, rear headers or front headers are installed by manual blow down (Spei).

2. Pipe – boiler pipe

Types of boiler pipes in water pipe boilers include:
a. Tube plating (evaporator tube)
serves to evaporate / evaporate water or speed up the evaporation process, by
because of that the generatting tube is smaller than the other pipes
b. Down Tube comer
In general, this down comer pipe is installed in a position that is not covered by anti
priming plate. Because the water from the kettle filler water pipe is emitted directly towards
down comer tube. Down comer tube is divided into: Side down comer, and Front down comer
c. Super heater tube
serves as a dry steam generator / generator, by reheating steam
from the upper drum. where steam from the upper drum is flowed inside the superheater and outside
this pipe is exposed to hot gas which has a very high temperature so that the granules
water granules will evaporate inside the superheater and dry steam is obtained
d. Front header tube, side header tube and rear header tube
serves as a water evaporation pipe, where the pipes are directly connected or
in contact with fire …
e. Screen water tube / stag screen
serves as an evaporation pipe and also functions as a protector or curtain from super
heater tube.

3. Air heater

Serves to increase the combustion air temperature before entering the combustion chamber. The implementation by utilizing the heat of the smoke gas (exhaust gas) before being disposed of by the chimney is passed by the water heater. Gas fumes pass inside the water heater pipe while air passes outside the water heater pipe so that heat transfer occurs without mixing gas smoke with heated air.

4. Fuel

Functioning as a support for a kettle that is fueled with pulp is quite soft. This tool consists of small pieces of cast iron pieces, this tool opens and closes to remove the ash from the combustion. Primary combustion air passes through the frames of the fuel frame and between the fuel frames

5. Baggase feeder (pulp feeder)
Serves to insert pulp into the combustion chamber. Rpm from baggas feeder can be adjusted manually or outomatic from the operator room according to the needs of the pulp.

6. Burner

Serves to raise the combustion temperature by spraying fuel instead of pulp. This tool is used if the pulp is lacking or running out The fuel used is usually the residue that was previously heated up to a temperature of ± 80ºC.

7. Deaerator

Serves to eliminate the oxygen content in kettle filler water by increasing the temperature to ± 105ºC.

8. boiler feed water pump

Serves to insert kettle filler water from the deaerator into the kettle. at PG. The new boarding school for the Takuma kettle is served by 1 kettle water filler pump which is driven by a steam turbine and 1 pump as an electro motor driven backup while for 2 Yoshimine I and II kettle units it is only served by a turbine driven boiler water pump steam and 1 pump again as a backup driven by electro motor.

9. IDF (induced draft fan)

Serves to pull / suck gas from the combustion chamber out through the chimney so that the combustion chamber has negative pressure.

10. FDF (force draft fan)

Serves to blow air into the combustion kitchen by passing the water heater which has positive pressure.

11. Fan water distribution

Serves to blow / throw waste out of baggase feeder into the kitchen. That is to flatten and describe the fall of pulp in the kitchen.

12. Shoot blow (Blazer)

Is a device used to clean the soot attached to the boiler pipes, so as to maintain the efficiency of the kettle. This tool works with rotating sprays where places have been determined. The spraying material is new steam taken from the kettle itself.

13. Chimney

Serves as a high exhaust gas exhaust channel. It is expected that with its height natural attractions will be obtained.

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