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Thermal oil Heater High Temperatur
Thermal oil Heater High Temperatur

Boiler Thermal oil heaters for liquid and gaseous fuels with a capacity of up to 30 MW/unit depending on the application and temperatures from -100 °C to 50 °C horizontally or vertically for heating processes and industrial procedures. Technical information Power/temperature Up to 30 MW/unit depending on application and temperature -100°C to 350°C Heat transfer agents All mineral and organic heat transfer agents, eutectic alloys, molten salts and molten metals Fuel Liquid fuels: heavy oil, medium oil, diesel oil and liquid production residues Gas fuel: natural gas, biogas, landfill, flue gas and production gas residues Mixed combustion of oil and gas: simultaneous and/or repeated use of different fuels Selection of the radiation part related to odor removal or thermal oxidation of polluted exhaust gas.


Thermal oil Heater Control Sistematis

Thermal oil Heater Control Sistematis

Thermal oil Heater Control Sistematis,Automatic fire extinguishing systems are available as used or special materials and designs Examples of uses: Food industry: indirect heating of fryers with simultaneous combustion of exhaust steam roasting channels, boilers, shower towers, dryers for the production of milk powder, lipolysis, pasteurization. Building materials industry: Heating, drying, pressing of steel for the production of bricks Chemical industry: reactor heating, monitoring and tank heating Iron and steel industry: Primary media heating, use of waste heat in district heating Textile industry: Heating frame, dryer, washing machine, tape, calendar, coating equipment Gas solar thermal oil boiler Rated power: 1 00-1 000kw Pressure: 0.8~1.1Mpa Fuel: heavy oil, diesel, natural gas, LPG, etc.

Areas of use: textile printing and dyeing, plastic and rubber, wood industry, building materials, machinery industry, food industry, etc. Brief introduction: IMB series IMB Boiler thermal oil boilers are safe and energy-saving boilers with low working pressure (0.8 MPa) and high temperature (330 ℃) operating characteristics.

Indira IMB series fired thermal oil boilers are safe and energy-saving boilers with low operating pressure (0.8 MPa) and high temperature (330 ℃) operating characteristics. It is a patented product of Indira Boiler, the heat carrier is a heat-conducting oil, the circulating water pump forces the medium to transfer the circulating heat in liquid form and the heat to the heat-using devices and then back to the heating fireplace. to reheat .

1. High thermal efficiency

The boiler is a circulating heater in the liquid phase, there are no heat losses due to condensation, high thermal efficiency and the boiler is very safe to use. Boiler shell uses aluminum silicate board to retain heat, low heat loss. Equipped with an economizer, it uses as much heat as possible from the exhaust gas and lowers the temperature of the exhaust gas.


2. Large combustion chamber

Large combustion chamber The combustion chamber of the boiler consists of a large-diameter spiral, sufficient combustion combustion chamber, sufficient combustion, high thermal efficiency. In addition, the boiler uses super-pressure combustion, which improves combustion efficiency.


3. Excellent coil design

Excellent scroll design The spiral tube is made of small diameter multi-ended steel tube, with good thermal expansion capacity, low voltage, safe and reliable.


4. Sufficient power

Sufficient power The boiler uses a horizontal three-stage structure, which improves the efficiency of summer use. Large heating surface, good heat transfer, high thermal efficiency and sufficient power.


Model Rated power(KW) Design pressure (Mpa) Medium outlet temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency (%) Overall dimension L×W×H (mm) Reference weight (t)
IMB-120 120 1.1 ≤350 75 1600×1020×1520 1.5
IMB-1000 1000 1.1 ≤350 85 3300×1670×2486 5
IMB-12400 2400 1.1 ≤350 85 5080×2200×3180 9.8
IMB-13000 3000 1.1 ≤350 85 5983×2420×3404 15.5
IMB-14700 4700 1.1 ≤350 85 7285×2570×3760 21.5
IMB-16000 6000 1.1 ≤350 85 7800×3050×3800 25
IMB-17000 7000 1.1 ≤350 85 8200×3050×3800 27.5
IMB-110000……………. 10000 1.1 ≤350 85

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