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Biomass Boiler Systems

The biomass boiler system uses biomass to produce heat and electricity which can be used to boil various materials. There are around four types of systems that use biomass as a heat generator for boilers. These systems are pellet fuel systems, full automatic systems, semi-automatic systems and combined heat and power systems. Today, the use of biomass boilers continues to increase as a producer of renewable energy. Biomass boilers are the best alternative alternative for oil or gas boilers. The following are 4 types of biomass boiler systems.


Combined Heat and Power System (CHP)

CHP uses wood waste such as pieces and wood chips to produce electricity, and heat as a by-product. Because it produces high pressure, the costs needed are also relatively high and it is also mandatory to have an operator that is qualified to operate this system. This system is more convenient for use in places that need heat and electricity such as in hospitals and lodging places.


Full Automatic System

Automatic boiler systems use waste or wood chips as fuel. Wood waste is put into a storage tank and then the conveyor transports this biomass to the boiler in a controlled amount. This system runs and dies automatically to maintain the temperature and pressure produced during the operation. The use of automated systems is more effective because it only requires a computer operator to run the system.


Semi Automatic System

Semi automatic systems are similar to full automatic systems, but still use human power to run them. This system has a smaller capacity tank and a simple conveyor system that requires humans to control it.


Pellet Fuel System

Pellet-fueled systems of course use pellets as their fuel, pellets are a form of processed wood. Pellets are transferred from the storage silo to the boiler using gravity. Although pellets are expensive, pellets are more efficient and require less storage space because they are dense and therefore can reduce storage costs. This system can be used for various purposes but is better for use in limited space and places that are difficult to use conveyor systems.


Sisetm automatic biomass boiler

Advantages of Biomass Boiler Systems
The following are the advantages of a biomass boiler system:
One of the advantages of using a biomass boiler compared to an oil or gas boiler is the cost and availability of the fuel. The use of wood chips is relatively inexpensive and even though the energy density is low, it can be used with automatic feeders on a 24-hour system a day. In large-scale use, biomass boilers are considered the most economical fuel considering that international fuel prices are getting higher, wood waste can be converted into wood chips as operational fuel for biomass boiler systems. Regarding availability issues, wood waste does not need to be imported from other countries because each country uses wood for various internal uses and therefore wood waste will be sufficiently available.

Another advantage of using biomass boiler systems is because they use industrial or urban waste and residues, forests and agriculture to generate electricity and heat with less negative effects on the environment. Carbon contained in biomass is part of the natural carbon cycle and therefore produces very little effect on the environment, because it does not add to the amount of carbon in nature as caused by oil and gas boilers. The use of biomass fuels reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Biomass fuel also helps manage wood waste that can disrupt the environment.

Another advantage is the use of wood-fired boilers can be used in every home. If you want to have an effective energy source, are well-available and renewable, you can use biomass as an alternative energy source.
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