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Boilers have developed along with technological advancements, evaluation after evaluation has been carried out starting from the manufacture of gas boilers to steam products produced. The following are the types of boilers that have been through development, delivered:

Based on pipe type:

A. Fire tube Boiler:

In the fire pipe boiler (Fire Tube) has characteristics that are capable of producing low capacity and vapor pressure.
How to remove is the process where ignition occurs in the pipe, then the heat generated will be delivered directly to the kettle containing large air and the construction of the kettle also uses the capacity produced by the kettle. Fire tube boilers can use oil, gas or solid fuel in their use.

b. Water tube Boiler:

In water pipe boilers (Water Tubes) it has characteristics that are capable of producing high vapor capacity and pressure.
The way it works is in the ignition process that takes place outside the boiler pipe, then the heat produced is heated by a pipe containing air but before the air was previously conditioned through an economizer, then the steam produced first is produced in a steam-drum. Based on temperature and temperature, through the secondary superheater and the new primary superheater is released into the main pipe distribution. In the air pipe, the air flowing is first conditioned into minerals or other reserves that dissolve in the air. This is the main factor that must be considered for this type.

Based on the fuel used:

A. Solid fuel Boiler

In solid fuels, fuels have the characteristics of fuel, which is relatively cheaper than fuel that uses liquid fuel and electricity. Even the efficiency value of this type is better than the electric type boiler.
How to play is the warming that occurs between coal, baggase, rejected products, municipal waste, wood) with oxygen and heat sources.

b. Fuel oil Boiler

In liquid fuel boilers (fuel oil) has the characteristic of being the most expensive fuel used compared to all types of boilers that use the fuel used. Even the efficiency value of this type is better compared to solid fuel and electric boilers.
How to turn on is heating that occurs between mixing liquid fuels (diesel, IDO, residue, kerosene) with oxygen and heat sources in this boiler.

c. Gas fuel Boiler

In fuel gas (gas fuel) boilers have the characteristics of the cheapest raw material prices compared to all existing boiler types. Even the efficiency value of this type is better than all boiler types based on their fuel.
The way to play is in combustion that occurs mixing of gas fuel (LNG) with oxygen and heat sources.

d. Electricity Boiler

In electric boilers (electric kettle) the characteristics are at the price of raw materials which are relatively cheaper compared to kettles using liquid fuels. The efficiency value of this type is the lowest compared to all types of boilers based on their fuel.
How to turn on is the source that occurs from a power source that supplies a heat source.

Based on the use of the boiler:

A. Power Boiler

In a power plant that has characteristics is as a power plant as a steam generator, and the steam generator will be used to run industrial processes.
How to remove the steam produced by this kettle using a water tube boiler, the resulting steam has a capacity and large, so that it can rotate the steam turbine to produce electricity from the generator.

b. Industrial Boilers

In the boiler industry it has characteristics that are licensed uses as a producer of steam or hot air to run industrial processes and also as an additional heater.
How to remove the steam produced by this boiler can use a type of water tube or fire boiler tube, the steam produced has a large capacity and moderate pressure.

c. Commercial Boilers

In commercial boilers, publishing its characteristics is its use as a producer of steam or hot air as a heater and also as an addition to carrying out commercial operations.
How to turn it on is stea

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