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Steam Boiler Loundry Machine

Steam Iron Boiler Machine is: one type of boiler that is usually used to support laundry business activities. Shape a tube of a certain size according to the desired capacity. The working system of this boiler itself uses hot steam as its main ingredient.


The hot steam is produced by heating the LPG stove where it boils water from the tube itself. From the boiler steam then flowed through a special channel that will lead to the steam iron channel itself. The temperature of the heat pressure itself can be adjusted according to the wishes and needs of each person. With high steam, the activity of tidying laundry clothes is easier and faster.

The hydraulic type itself is an iron boiler machine using a special type of iron, because the main material used is steam pressure. In contrast to the type of iron that uses electricity. In this iron boiler tool the iron itself has special pores that can transmit the heat pressure to the wear, besides that there are also pore pores as a distributor of clothes fragrance. So that when the clothes are more slippery, neat and fragrant.

In its own construction there are also special features as heat absorbers, so as to minimize work accidents during the process of ironing clothes. However, only a handful of producers have smothered a special damper for the heat itself on the product.

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