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Palm shell fuel steam boiler – an environmentally friendly energy source


biomass palm shell boiler
biomass palm shell boiler

Boiler Palm shells The r sawiutor palm kernel shell , often also called the palm shell, is the hard part found in the oil palm fruit which serves to protect the contents or kernel of the palm fruit. Almost the same as coconut shells that we often encounter everyday.

Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil producing countries in the world. The spread of palm oil in almost all corners of the country. Farming communities are gradually starting to switch to oil palm plantations. The rapid development of palm oil itself also has an impact on the development of oil palm shells. The more palm oil is processed, the more palm shells are produced.

Because the palm shell is part of the palm fruit. For the palm oil processing industry itself, palm shells are an added value for them. Because palm kernel shells are industrial waste, they can use it for their energy needs . In the past they might have to supply coal from other parties for fuel, now they can use their own waste so that production costs can be reduced. In addition, palm shells also have economic value,

Industries are now starting to switch from coal to palm shells as fuel. There are several reasons why they choose palm shells as fuel:

Cost Saving / Cost savings
By using palm shells the costs allocated for fuel supply can be reduced.
Air pollution reduction / Reducing air pollution
The use of palm shells is more environmentally friendly. Because the sulfur carbon content in palm oil is relatively low. So that in the combustion process there is less pollution than coal.


Natural resources conservation

Oil palm shells are part of the renewable/renewable oil palm plant. Unlike coal, which is a mineral that is difficult to renew.
Avaibility of Stock
Since palm kernel shells are a renewable resource, there is no worry about supply shortages.
Based on the above considerations, the industry is increasingly convinced to use palm kernel shells as an energy source.

The high interest in palm shells has caused demand to increase dramatically. This has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs to get involved in buying and selling palm shells . Not a few businessmen from foreign countries who cooperate in export – import of palm shells with local oil palm shell entrepreneurs .

This is proven by how many we meet stock pilespalm shells belonging to local entrepreneurs in the area around the port. The opening of the palm shell business sector certainly has a positive value for the business climate and the economy in general. The first positive value, which can be directly felt is the need for labor, which has an effect on reducing the unemployment rate. The second is the addition of foreign exchange, because palm shells have now become an export commodity, of course, it will become state income in the form of taxes/excise.



The palm shell is composed of the following elements:

Moisture in Analysis (7-8%)
Ash content (2-3%)
Volatile matter (69-70%)
Pure activated carbon/fixed carbon(20-22%)


The first is the benefit to the palm fruit itself, namely as a protector of the contents or kernel of the palm fruit.
The second is the benefits to humans, among others:
As a boiler fuel substitute for coal
Activated carbon that can be used as an adsorbent for bio gas/natural gas
Ingredients for charcoal/charcoal
Liquid Smoke which contains several compounds that are useful for natural preservatives
As a mixture of animal feed


Where there is a palm, there is a palm shell
There is truth in that expression. Although there are types of palm oil that do not have a shell. But currently, most of the palms that are scattered are palms that have shells. The spread of oil palm in Indonesia is almost complete. Oil palm plantations, whether managed by BUMN, private sector or the community, are almost spread all over the country.

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