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Thermal Oil Heater Efficiency Calculation is The best Manufactur PT Indira Dwi Mitra

Thermal Oil Heater Efficiency Calculation
Thermal Oil Heater Efficiency Calculation
Thermal Oil Heater is a heat-producing machine and functions more as a heat conductor by using oil media in a spiral-designed pipe inside a heating tube/tank that is designed in such a way which is then heated by fire originating from the burner with a certain fuel. The calorific value produced by this thermal oil can reach more than 300 °C.
Most companies that utilize heat energy use a boiler engine (steam/steam). Even though not all heat producers must come from the boiler. Many companies that require heat-generating machines use boilers, even though they do not require steam/hot steam in their production process. Boilers produce hot steam containing water droplets (saturated steam) with temperatures reaching 180°C, while thermal oil only produces hot air reaching 300°C or more. This should be taken into consideration, whether to choose thermal oil or a boiler.

Thermal oil is designed horizontally and there is also a vertical design (standing). 

The vertical design saves space and is very efficient while the horizontal design makes it easy to maintain and operate. However, for the size of thermal oil which is quite large, on average it is designed horizontally to facilitate maintenance in the future. Heating Coil is made of Seamless Boiler Tube which is rolled continuously. Each weld joint is carefully checked with a Radiaography Test and a final pressure test using pressures up to 15 – 30 Bar. Thermal Oil flows in the coil at a speed that is carefully designed to avoid overheating which can cause oil damage due to coking.

Why should you choose Thermal Oil Heater??

Some considerations why you should choose THERMAL OIL HEATER in terms of producing heat energy, because Thermal oil heaters can produce heat energy with high temperatures that only work at pump pressure or even atmospheric pressure. The oil used in thermal oil will not run out and evaporate, unless there is a leak in the oil pipe. If a leak occurs, it must be repaired and replace the wasted oil according to the specified size as at the beginning.
The hot gas from the combustion heats the flow of thermal oil in the combustion chamber as radiant heat and then heats the oil in the convection coil through the gaps between the coils at a certain speed in 3 streams in the opposite direction to the direction of the thermal oil flow.
In thermal oil, oil is a heat-conducting medium that does not cause scale or dirt in the pipe. so there is no cost to clean the oil line pipe which is not usually done in steam boilers. The fire-resistant pipe that is used will not be damaged due to the heat pipe flowing with the circulation pump, just don’t let the oil temperature get out of control and exceed the pipe’s ability to receive heat. Therefore, the safety system for supplying heat from the burner fire must always be in good condition. In this case, the Thermocontrol in the control panel and the thermocouple must be properly integrated so that the possibility of overheating does not occur.
The control system on the control panel and control part safety on the body thermal oil unit must be ensured that the conditions and functions are running normally. the better the control conditions, the lower the operator interval in monitoring the thermal oil unit. Although Thermal oil does not operate under high pressure, the pipe specifications must be standard for the pipes used for boilers. Boiler pipes have high heat and pressure resistance. In this case, thermal oil must use pipes that are resistant to high temperatures. Thicker boiler pipes, will further reduce the risk of pipe damage when receiving heat.

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